Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kinder graduation set up!

    We just finished with our awards ceremony for kinder and I could not have been happier. I was really nervous but everything was simply perfect, the students had fun and the parents loved it! It was definitely a very special day. This is the first year with my team and I loved all of their ideas. 

I am happy to share some pics with all of you of what we did:

1. Reserved seating for the students:
 We put them on both sides of the benches, it was a cute and easy sign. I found the clip art on Teachers Pay Teachers for free! I love Lita Lita's products.

2. Graduation programs:

 Which had the students name, program and special notes. They were soooo cute and little, perfect for kinder hands.
   My team had the template ready, all I did was add the cute clip art on the cover. 

 3. Pizza boxes as memory boxes:
 We called the local pizza place and they donated all 60+ boxes. Our wonderful librarian donated the scrapbook paper. We started setting them two weeks before the big event. We (all the teachers in my team) placed different things, then placed them against the wall. When the program was over, the parents were invited to take the memory boxes home.

   Besides placing their diary,crafts, awards and a copy of some class books we made, I placed this awesome summer packet by Nicole and Eliceo. This packet includes three months of activities! It is also available in English and is editable.  It has a great reading log for each month. This was definitely a time saver and perfect way to reinforce what we learned in kinder.  

How do you celebrate the end of the year with your students?

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