Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lesson plans sharing time!

I decided to share my plans for the week.  Why didn’t I think of this before? It makes so much sense to share some of the the lessons I will be using because:

1.Perfect timing: You may be teaching about the same topics and will be able to use the activities right away!

2.Help each other: We can all share what we do and get ideas that are aligned to our curriculum for our lesson plans.

3.Freshen up!: If you have your lesson plans ready and know exactly what you are doing (I admire you!). You can add new materials or use them in your stations!

This week, I will be sharing what I do in:

We will be learning about science rules and tools. There are many posters for science rules but I wanted something more interactive for my kinders. I took three simple rules and made a PPT game! 

Science Rules:

In this game, the students will have to decide whether the characters are following the rules. 
I made one in Spanish for my classroom, one for my wonderful team in English, and one combined  for all the dual language teachers out there. It is simple yet interactive! 

I am working on the last slides! It will be available tomorrow (I'm so glad tomorrow is Labor Day). Once is done, I will let you  know here.

The Spanish version is ready here!

Science Tools:
   I was debating whether or not to create a product for science tools in Spanish, thank goodness I found this AWESOME resource from Bilingual Scrapbook. It is already in English AND Spanish. This just saved me so much time! Click on the pic to check it out:

 I also have "Meet the teacher" this week and have to finish my presentation.
What are you doing for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Grandparent's Day? Do you have a suggestion for this game? Please let me know by writing a comment. I hope you have a great week of school! 

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