Sunday, March 15, 2015

My furry babies

I  grew up with dogs in the house and although I loved having them, they were dogs to me, I could not understand all those crazy dog people. 
  It wasn't until I had my first puppy as an adult that I truly understood the connection that some of us have with these pretty little beings. I am now considered a dog(and cat) lover!
Taking care of them, watching them grow and receiving unconditional love are just some of the reasons why I love about having them in my life. 

I always thought that I needed to do a better job at taking pics of my little ones. 
I did not realized how many pics I already had! I have so many it was hard to choose a few to place here, so I decided to do a collage.

I have two dogs (Lola and Mateo) and two cats (Ozzy and Floyd)

For cats: I noticed that before, my cats were not drinking water, I learned while searching online that cats don't like to have their water next to their food. 
So I started putting their water next to the kitchen sink and... It works! Plus, their water is always fresh since I change it when I do the dishes!
This is where they eat:
For dogs: I would love to say that after 4 years, my doggies are completely potty trained, but the truth is even after we take them outside at night, they love to pee on the floor while we sleep! So, we bought a baby gate and they sleep with us, one under the bed and the other one on the bathroom floor. In the morning, we take them outside.
The dogs have beds but the cats like them better:


My dogs and cats came from the same litter. Lola was first, and eight months later Mateo, her brother came to our house
Ozzy and Floyd were adopted from the shelter and were named Tom and Jerry (I know, cute but it doesn't make sense). They were found on the street and were only in the shelter for four days, we decided to take them both (ok, my husband was really the one who could not 'separate' them) and I'm glad we did.

I keep all the dog toys on a basket that I bought at a grocery store for about $5! Lola is the only one that likes to play with toys, she has a few favorite ones:

Enjoy this animal theme freebie, that is available in English and Spanish! 

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Amy Labrasciano said...

I love all of your animals, but I just cannot get enough of Ozzy and Floyd. They are adorable together. Thank you for linking up with us.
xoxo, Amy