Saturday, April 4, 2015

First giveaway on iTeach Bilinguals

 iTeach Bilinguals
I just posted on our collaborativeblog for "Win-it Wednesday" there is still time to enter, just visit Iteach Bilinguals Facebook page for more info on how to enter!
   During Spring, our kindergartners participate in a poetry recital, each student is expected to pick a poem, memorize it and then recite it to all the parents at a PTA meeting. 
I have to say, I was nervous the first year we did this, especially because my students were doing it in Spanish and even I was having trouble finding poems. 

   This year will be a little different, I decided to compile Spanish poems into seasonal packets. This way, my students can choose from over 60 poems and pick one they like, they also have the option of choosing one on their own. 
I'm still working on the Fall poems but here's what I've done so far:

If you win this giveaway, a friend and you will win all three packets! That's 47 poems in Spanish! We will announce a winner on Monday April 6th, so make sure you visit our facebook page, I will also mention the winner on Kinder Bilingue's facebook page. Have a great week!

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